Aaron Hall

Front-end Developer and UX/UI Designer

About me

Hello! My name is Aaron Hall. I'm a front-end developer, ux/ui designer, creative problem solver and free-thinker living in the Sunshine State with my wife and our little girl, Lilla. I enjoy writing code to create stunning, simplistic and responsive designs which are both usable and effective and designing mockups for longer than I can remember. I've had the fortune of working with companies like MTV, Lucasfilm, CircleCi, Gigboard, CrankApps as well as a number of talented independent developers and designers.

On a personal note

I grew up in a small town Lenoir City outside of Knoxville in the Volunteer State and went to school at Full Sail University to study web design & development.

When not sitting in front of computer, I enjoy camping trips with my family, fishing in the Florida Keys, hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains, riding my mountain bike, watching movies and TV shows, and working on side projects. And eating. I love eating. I fancy myself an amateur photographer (which mostly means that I bought a DSLR) with my Canon Rebel T3i, trying my best to learn the craft.

About this site

Each version of aaron.im is driven by the desire to learn a new technique, for example this version features a responsive layout using Bourbon Neat, SASS (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets) an extension of CSS3, adding nested rules, variables, mixins, etc. using Bourbon and retina-ready for devices with retina displays. This site built using the Bourbon, Neat, Font Awesome, Codekit, and Coda Sublime Text 3 running on PHP. Set in Droid Serif using Google Fonts. All pixels are used by Wacom Intuos and I've been mouse-free as long as I can remember.

My entire site has a responsive design. Don't be afraid to test it on your mobile/tablet!

Drop me a line: hi@aaron.im